Tecumseh 5HP HS50 -67175B Cylinder head GOOD SHAPE 37675 33016A 33016 36441Peerless Tecumseh 820-026 Transaxle Differential Bevel Gear 778198Peerless Tecumseh 2000-002B Transaxle Splined Differential Gear 778368Tecumseh 13HP OHV130 Enduro XL/C Blower Housing 36943John Deere 726 7HP Tecumseh H70 Intake Exhaust Valve Kit AM32609 AM32607Tecumseh 3.5HP TVS90-43411F Intake Manifold Pipe 31384ANOS Tecumseh OEM LV148EA LV195XA/195EA Flywheel Key 611298Tecumseh 12HP OHV12-202705A Engine OEM Lifter Tappet Set 35313ATecumseh Peerless 930-015A Transaxle 28T Spur Gear 778128ATecumseh Peerless 920-009 Transaxle 25T Spur Gear 778127ATecumseh 4HP HS40-55513E Engine Connecting Rod STD 32875AJohn Deere 112 Tecumseh HH100-115034 OEM Valve Cup Set M42173 31945Tecumseh 5.5HP LH195SP-67510D Engine OEM Governor Arm/Link 37729 32698Brand New Tecumseh OEM Washer 780108Tecumseh 4HP H40 -55046G Starter cup screen 590417 37966Snow King Tecumseh H50 H60 H70 H Electric Starter 33328A 3328D

Tecumseh 13HP OHV130 Enduro XL/C Blower Housing 36943

Tecumseh 13HP OHV130 enduro XL/C blower housing 36943. Blower housing has some wear, scratches and surface rust but its in good condition and its fully functional. See pictures for wear, scratches and surface rust. PARTS REMOVED From Model # OHV130 Spec # 206820D Serial # 0279D
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