Kubota 13.5HP Kawasaki GH400V Ignition Coil 12181-6706-0Kubota 13.5HP Kawasaki GH400V OEM MIKUNI Carburetor NLA 12181-4401-0Kubuta T1400H HST Lawn Tractor steering Wheel 66071-4100-0 66071-41002Kubota 13.5HP Kawasaki GH400V Intake Manifold 12181-4614-0Kubota 13.5HP Kawasaki GH400V Valve Lifter Tappet Set 12181-1555-0Brand New Kubota OEM Collar 75530-57830Brand New NOS Genuine Kubota OEM Bolt 67810-37880Brand New Kubota NOS Handle Support 70060-02280Brand New Kubota Check C Bracket 70723-61180Brand New Genuine Kubota OEM Cap & Banjo Bolt 67810-38412Kubota RTV900 Standard Spring K7561-18220KUBOTA L4060 Cab Corner Glass LH T3685-70530 & RH T3685-70540 SetKubuta T1400H HST Lawn Tractor Transaxle & BDU-10S-6052 Hydro Pump 66071-3601-0Kubuta T1400H HST Lawn Tractor Hood 66071-5411-0Kubuta T1400H HST Lawn Tractor Fender Pan Deck 66071-5211-0 66071-52116Kubuta T1400H HST Lawn Tractor Nuts Bolts & Other Hardware Only

Kubuta T1400H HST Lawn Tractor Hood 66071-5411-0

Kubuta T1400H HST lawn tractor hood 66071-5411-0. Hood has some wear, surface rust and some scratches but its In good condition and its fully functional. See pictures for wear, surface rust and scratches. Parts Removed From: Model # T1400H Serial # 12689
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